iPhone 12 performance is suppressed!
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 performance is suppressed!

Apple’s new generation of smartphones, the iPhone 12 series earlier released, uses the latest processor A14 chip. Apple claims to be the most efficient mobile phone processor, but it did not mention the performance increase in detail. Now there is the latest news, that is The A14 performance on the iPhone 12 is suppressed, and only the iPad Air has the full performance version.

The latest benchmark data shows that the performance of the A14 processor used by the iPhone 12 is not as good as that of the iPad Air version. The performance gap between the two is as much as 30%, regardless of the CPU or GPU performance. The performance is close to the A12Z chip, which is a good improvement.

apple a14 benchmark data

The author speculates that there will be the above results. I believe it is because the iPhone 12 needs to balance the heat generation and power consumption, so the frequency is lowered, and the iPad Air has a larger metal body and a larger battery. Therefore, the true effect of A14 can be fully realized.