iPhone 12 or support 802.11ay WiFi transmission speed
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 or support 802.11ay WiFi transmission speed

Sources from the famous Japanese supply chain Blog macotakara said that they have received reliable information that the iPhone 12 will support the IEEE 802.11ay standard.

Fast transmission speed but short distance

The biggest feature of the 802.11ay WiFi system is that it can support 20Gpbs over 60GHz bandwidth. The speed is extremely fast, but the biggest disadvantage is that the transmission distance is short, only about 300-500 meters. However, it is very helpful for indoor wireless applications such as VR / AR.


Facilitate device transfer

Many analysts expect that the iPhone 12 will have new developments in the field of VR / AR, so it is definitely a favorable design with 802.11ay WiFi. 802.11ay is currently in Draft 5.0, and I believe there will be a final decision by the end of 2020. Because Qualcomm already has 802.11ay support chips, I believe Apple's introduction will not have technical difficulties.