iPhone 12 officially announced the first iPhone entering 5G
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 officially announced the first iPhone entering 5G

Today, Apple officially announced the first iPhone that supports 5G, the iPhone 12, which, as rumored, has a flat-edge design, combined with an aerospace-grade aluminum body and a super-ceramic shield panel surface, and is equipped with a 6.1-inch super Retina XDR display. , And will add a new body color.

iPhone 12 has 5 color styles, namely blue, green, black, white and (PRODUCT) RED. In addition, it adopts a new super-ceramic crystal shield surface layer. By adding a new high-temperature crystallization process, nano-ceramics are generated in the glass matrix. Made of crystals, the hardness surpasses that of glass, and the drop resistance performance is increased by 4 times.

iPhone 12 b

iPhone 12 has the most 5G frequency bands in smart phones and can provide the most extensive 5G coverage in the world. By supporting 5G technology, iPhone 12 has become faster than previous iPhones. Ideally, the network speed can be as high as 3.5 Gbps. When the iPhone 12 is not using 5G, the smart data mode will automatically drop to LTE to save power.


The iPhone 12 will also be equipped with the A14 bionic chip, which is the first chip in the smartphone industry to use a 5nm process. Speed ​​and efficiency are better than ever. Compared with competitors’ fastest smartphone chips, CPU and GPU speeds can exceed up to 50%. Not only can it provide console-quality gaming experience, powerful computing photography, and more Features, while also bringing excellent battery life. A14 Bionics further challenges the limits of machine learning technology (ML). With a 16-core neural network engine, the performance is increased by 80%, and it can perform 11 trillion operations per second. Even on the most intensive ML model, the performance has been improved.


iPhone 12 is equipped with a full-screen Super Retina XDR display that extends to every corner and has a full-system color management function, presenting industry-leading color accuracy. Both models can render true black with a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, and bring an fascinating HDR high-definition video viewing experience and clearer photos, and the peak brightness is nearly twice that of the iPhone 11.

iPhone 12 c

The industry's leading IP68-rated anti-splash and water-repellent function can last up to 30 minutes in a depth of 6 meters of water, and it can withstand splashes of common liquids such as coffee and soda.

iPhone 12 d

The dual camera system with ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle lenses has a larger ƒ/1.6 aperture than ever before, making the details of the dark parts of the photo even better. And iPhone 12 will also support night mode, and iPhone 12 will also be the first iPhone that can apply ultra-wide-angle lenses to night mode.

iPhone 12 e

iPhone 12 is equipped with the world's first camera that can shoot HDR videos of "Dolby Vision". It is also the world's first and only device that fully supports the "Dolby Vision" experience, allowing users to easily shoot natively on iPhone , Edit and share movie-level videos.

iPhone 12 f

The brand-new MagSafe technology allows iPhone 12 to accurately locate various peripherals on the back of iPhone 12. For example, MagSafe charger can optimize alignment and efficiency. MagSafe charger will provide up to 15W of power. There are also a variety of new silicone, leather and transparent protective cases, as well as dual chargers that can charge iPhone 12 and Apple Watch at once.

iPhone 12 g

The iPhone 12 will be available for pre-order on October 16, and will officially go on sale on October 23. The price will start from $799.

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