iPhone 12 MagSafe battery development encounters difficulties
Feb 2021

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 MagSafe battery development encounters difficulties

Earlier, from a iOS 14.5 Beta found some evidence to show Apple ready to launch iPhone 12 MagSafe battery case today , "Bloomberg" reported after Apple refers to has been used for at least a year for the iPhone 12 MagSafe battery development, will be introduced in the original iPhone 12 Release, but encountered difficulties during development.

The MagSafe battery is designed to magnetically attach the battery to the back of the iPhone. The insider revealed that some trial versions of MagSafe batteries have a white rubber case. The internal test has confirmed that its magnetic force is quite enough to fix the battery on the back of the machine for charging. However, there is a software problem that the battery will overheat when charging. In addition, there are some switching problems when using the MagSafe battery with a protective cover and no protective cover. And these problems will cause the product to continue to be launched, or even cancel the launch if it is serious.

magsafe duo

In fact, Apple is very cautious about the charging device. In the past, AirPower has been postponing the release, and eventually it will cancel the development of the project.