iPhone 11 cracked by FBI?
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 11 cracked by FBI?

Apple was invited by the FBI to assist in unlocking iPhone products because of a U.S. case earlier, and now there is the latest news that the FBI has successfully cracked a password-protected iPhone 11, which took two months to finally obtain Information on board.

A government lawyer filed with the court showed that the FBI would need two months to unlock the defendant's iPhone 11. The notes were extracted through the forensics software provided by Cellebrite. In the incident, it can be seen that the FBI has technology to unlock iPhone, on behalf of iOS, is not completely secure.

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At present, the security of smart phone systems has become a concern for more people in the events of the past half year. Apple said that its products are mainly based on security. How to take further action will be the key to the next purchase of a smartphone.

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