iPad Air hints that the new iPhone will join Touch ID?
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPad Air hints that the new iPhone will join Touch ID?

Apple released the iPad, iPad Air, Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE at the September conference, but did not release a new generation of iPhone. When will the new opportunities come out? And what I want to talk about this time is that from the iPad Air, we can speculate on the design of the next-generation iPhone.

In the fourth generation of iPad Air, Apple did not fully adopt the design of iPad Pro, but added a new hardware function. This is the representative of the rebirth of Touch ID. Why is it reborn? Why will the next generation iPhone also adopt this design? The main reason can be estimated based on cost.

apple a14

In the past, Apple’s mid-level products have always used the main functions of the first to second generations of high-end products, and will not generally add new hardware. The main reason is to reduce development costs and clean up old hardware. Therefore, applying the above theory to the iPad Air, the iPad Air uses the full-screen design of the iPad Pro, but adds a brand new hardware that has not been used in any product. On a mid-level product, there is only one conclusion, that is, the hardware will It is used on other upcoming products and has a pressing launch.

ipad air 4

Under the current epidemic, users cannot use Face ID to unlock their devices outdoors. This situation obviously abolishes the main function of Face ID. Users have expressed their hope that Apple can add Touch ID to the new iPhone. Apple also knows the old one. The Touch ID hardware cannot be used in a full-screen design, so a new button needs to be redesigned, which is the Touch ID power button of the iPad Air.

The biggest reason for being the first to use iPad Air is that before the iPhone is launched, there will be more opportunities to fix problems in the software. Just as Face ID has been updated one year after the launch of the software to speed up the unlocking speed, I believe that the next It is possible that a generation of iPhone will use Touch ID.