iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 update summary
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 update summary

Today developers can update iOS 14 Developer Beta 2 , and in this update, foreign media 9to5Mac has compiled several updates that are worth mentioning. Let’s take a look at those updates.

Summary of iOS 14 Beta 2 update:

  • In iOS 14, when your device is playing sound, "Settings" will not allow you to update
  • The calendar has a new icon

new icon

  • Small reminder gadgets can now also display task content, not just the number of tasks

Small reminder gadgets

  • "File" now has a new gadget option that allows you to quickly go to the recently opened file
 files widget 1  files widget 2
  • In "Music" you can set the animation to close the album cover or only use Wi-Fi
  • The pointer on the "clock" icon is thicker
  • When you press play, pause or fast forward in "Music", there will be a new tactile feedback
  • Scrapbook notifications can now show which iCloud device you copied content from

clipboard ios 14

  • There is a new icon on the phone page in "Settings"