iOS 14.3 may invalidate third-party Magsafe accessories
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iOS 14.3 may invalidate third-party Magsafe accessories

A report from China’s famous charging website "Charging Head" stated that after Apple released iOS 14.3, it has also made some adjustments to the charging function, such as solving the problem that the device may not be able to use wireless charging before, and MagSafe Duo cannot use the maximum power for the iPhone wirelessly Charging problem.

However, for some third-party MagSafe accessories, iOS 14.3 may invalidate wireless charging. The "Charging Head" website stated that the MagSafe startup screen prompt was cracked three days after the iPhone 12 was launched, so many third-party MagSafe products appear. This time, iOS 14.3 blocked some of the third-party MagSafe products. According to reports, only a portion of the third-party MagSafe products are blocked. There are still some third-party MagSafe products that can be used as usual.