iOS 13.5 allows users wearing masks to speed up unlocking
May 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iOS 13.5 allows users wearing masks to speed up unlocking

In iOS 13.5 Beta , Apple added a function for people who wear masks, that is, when it is detected that the user wears a mask and Face ID fails to unlock, it will speed up the display of the password input interface. Before that, after the user failed to unlock the Face ID, there will be a delay of several seconds before the password input interface appears, which makes the user feel inconvenient.

Actual measurement: better experience than ever

After I upgraded to iOS 13.5 Beta 3, every time I wore a mask to unlock, I swiped upwards and the password input screen immediately appeared, and the Face ID error message was no longer displayed. At the same time, in addition to the lock screen, when the user downloads in the App Store and even pays Apple Pay, the Face ID error screen will no longer appear, instead of directly displaying the password input screen, it is much time-saving and the experience is better than before.

Apple still puts safety first

In fact, Apple has the ability to enable Face Wearers to unlock Face ID, but the price is to reduce the security, and have the opportunity to enable other Face Wearers to obtain the Face ID unlocking rights of the phone, which will have an impact on the safety of users. Therefore, Apple has replaced the password input with iOS 13.5 without reducing the security requirements of Face ID, which shows that Apple is still focusing on security.

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