iOS 13.3 Unblocked "Speed-Limited" Wireless Charger
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

iOS 13.3 Unblocked "Speed-Limited" Wireless Charger

Since iOS 13.1, many wireless chargers were originally able to charge at 7.5W, but have been slowed down for no reason. Most of the chargers that can charge at 7.5W are also big brand wireless chargers available from the Apple Store. In the updated description of the iOS 13.3 just released, it mentioned that "the problem that some wireless chargers charge faster than expected" has been resolved. Is this really the case?

The well-known charging network tested iOS 13.3 on some wireless chargers (wireless chargers not sold by Apple Store) that have been slowed down to 5W by iOS 13.1, and found that many have been able to return to 7.5W. I believe that the iOS 13 slowdown event should come to an end.