Intentionally affect the FaceTime experience! Apple fined $18 million
May 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Intentionally affect the FaceTime experience! Apple fined $18 million

Apple’s main feature FaceTime, which was released when the iPhone 4 was launched, is the main video communication function of Apple users on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. However, the latest news is that Apple restricts the use of FaceTime for iPhone 4 and 4S for Apple. The resulting class action requires compensation of a total of US $18 million.

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Apple was accused that the FaceTime service of iOS 6 infringed VirnetX’s P2P technology patent. Apple lost the lawsuit and needed to compensate VirnetX according to the amount used. Therefore, Apple was accused of using means to reduce the compensation and affect the FaceTime experience on iOS 6 devices. Allow users to upgrade to iOS 7, and now Apple has been sentenced to lose.

The reason why the class action can be established is that some users have discovered the content of Apple’s engineers ’emails and mentioned that it has deliberately affected the experience of using FaceTime on iOS 6 devices. Therefore, Apple compensates a total of $18 million to the plaintiffs of the class action, and each person will receive an average of $3.