iFixit tears down Mac Pro
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

iFixit tears down Mac Pro

In Apple ’s latest Mac Pro, there are many improvements. After disassembling the host, iFixit has made a rather surprising discovery. That is, the host has also improved a lot in the ease of maintenance. Disassembly and replacement, and some specific maintenance instructions printed on some hardware.

Many components of Mac Pro are easy to disassemble and replace, but it should be noted that although the solid-state hard disk in the host has been modularized, it is bound to the T2 chip, so there is no way to replace the hard disk. Information security will be more secure. If you want to increase storage space, Mac Pro actually has other methods.

Mac Pro

Of course, Apple still recommends taking the main unit to an Apple Authorized Repair Center during repairs, but when the user cannot go to the aforementioned location for other reasons, the design of Mac Pro can also greatly reduce the difficulty of repair.