iCloud data suddenly disappeared for no reason
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iCloud data suddenly disappeared for no reason

According to a report from Taiwan’s Apple Daily , a male chef in Taiwan, Xie Bingxun, spent 6 years traveling and working in other places. During this period, he recorded many recipes and menus. During the period, he relied on iPhone and iCloud to record all the information.

In the past 6 years, he went to four countries including Britain, Japan, France, and the West, including the top 10 restaurants in the world, and Michelin/Michelin 2-star restaurants for internship and work. He stored these data through iCloud, but these "hardwork" suddenly disappeared, including 15,000 photos and 400 videos.

Faced with the sudden disappearance of the data, he urgently asked Apple for help and asked to restore the lost photos and videos. However, Apple stated that it could not recover and could not provide the reason for the disappearance of the data. Xie Bingxun therefore filed a compensation of NT$3 million from Apple, and Apple stated that the user terms had a "disclaimer" and therefore refused to compensate.

After returning to Taiwan in February this year, he upgraded the original 50GB iCloud space to 200GB, but at the end of June, he discovered that more than half of the data in the phone had suddenly disappeared, including 15,000 photos and 400 videos. He asked for help from Apple technical support, and the Apple technician taught him to reset, but the screen still stayed at "15,051Photos,437Videos Downloading..." and the data could not be retrieved.


Xie Bingxun said that if you delete the data yourself, iCloud will record it and it can be recovered, but the data is lost, and less than 1/8 of the data is down. He criticized Apple for not being able to restore the information and refused to compensate, which is really irresponsible.

Apple pointed out that the iCloud terms of service stated "...to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Apple does not guarantee or guarantee that any content you may store or use through this service will not suffer unintentional damage under the terms of this agreement , Destruction, loss or removal. Apple is not responsible for the occurrence of such damage, destruction, loss or removal."

New Taipei City Consumer Protection Officer Liao Peiling said that consumers pay to use Apple's iCloud service, which is a paid contract. The debtor of the paid contract should have taken care of the duty of a good manager.