How long can the battery of iPhone 12?
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

How long can the battery of iPhone 12?

After the release of iPhone 12, how long the battery can be used is believed to be a concern of many people. With the help of the A14 processor, energy conservation has also been improved.

Mini broadcast is 2 minutes less than iPhone 12

Analyzed by playing videos, the iPhone 12 mini can play for 15 hours, 2 minutes less than the 17 hours of the iPhone 12, and 50 hours of audio playback, 15 minutes less than the 65 hours of the iPhone 12. Compared with the iPhone SE, the broadcast time of the iPhone 12 mini is 2 minutes longer.

iphone battery 01

iPhone 12 Pro has lower battery life than iPhone 11 Pro

As for the iPhone 12 Pro, as the screen is increased to 6.1 inches, the power consumption will also increase compared to the previous generation, but the video playback time is only one minute less, which is not too serious.

iphone 12 pro vs iphone 11 pro battery

iPhone 12 Pro Max meets iPhone 11 Pro Max

As for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the battery life is the same as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with 20 hours of video playback time, 80 hours of audio playback time, and 12 hours of streaming playback time.