Guo Mingzhang: Some iPhones are manufactured in Taiwan and India
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Guo Mingzhang: Some iPhones are manufactured in Taiwan and India

The Chinese government bans Foxconn and Pegatron from returning to work to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Well-known Apple analyst Guo Mingzhang said that iPhone assembly has also been greatly affected by the epidemic.

Chinese plant resumed postponed

Guo Mingyi pointed out that the Zhengzhou factory is the most important for iPhone production. Among them, he is mainly responsible for the assembly of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. It is unknown at this time when the plant can be reopened, he said that the employee return rate is about 40% to 60%.

In addition, the Shenzhen factory will have the most obvious impact on the development of the iPhone 12, but I believe the team will not stop operations due to the epidemic, but the employee return rate is expected to reach only the highest 50%, and the lowest may only be 30%.

foxconn adjust in vestment of wisconsin display factory

Partially changed to production in India and Taiwan

Kuo Ming-chuen pointed out that in order to deal with the problem, some orders have been transferred to India and Taiwan for production, but the capacity of these plants is limited.

iPhone SE 2 production affected

In addition to the current iPhone production impact, the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) was originally responsible for Pegatron, and production began on February 10, but now it will be postponed. Guo Mingyi estimates that the plant will resume work at about 40% to 60%.

iphone 9