Future iPad development forecast: ARM version of macOS with iPad Pro?
Jun 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Future iPad development forecast: ARM version of macOS with iPad Pro?

Apple announced earlier that it will switch to an ARM-based processor developed for Mac computers. Among the advantages and disadvantages, the author has already analyzed it for you in an earlier article, but in fact there is a possibility behind it, the iPad Can Pro run macOS? Now for you to analyze.

macOS used x86 architecture in the past, so when Apple asked the media whether the iPad Pro will run macOS, the answer from the senior management was a waste of resources. The main reason is to translate and run the ARM-based mobile platform processor. The x86 instruction set will cause a huge burden on the processor, and the experience will become poor. Therefore, the performance is indeed a waste of device resources, but if it is under the same architecture, and now the A12Z processor can run perfectly under macOS, cooperate The new keyboard design of iPad Pro, it is not impossible to let iPad Pro run macOS.

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Under the same architecture, the possibility of iPad Pro running macOS system is quite high, and it is even possible to switch the system interface freely. In the face of the current entry iPad Pro can use 128 GB SSD. When the transition period is completed two years later, 256 GB capacity with 8GB RAM There is absolutely no problem running macOS.