For data security? Apple will block macOS unapproved software
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

For data security? Apple will block macOS unapproved software

Apple has added a stronger security design to the latest generation of computer systems. It is hoped that all software needs to be downloaded from the App Store to improve the user's computer device data security. Now Apple announced that it will be in February 2020 Implemented on the 3rd, software without App Store approval will not be installed on macOS devices.

Beginning with macOS Mojave 10.14.5, Apple has planned to force third-party applications into the App Store. In order to make it easier to manage and protect users ’devices, Apple will now extend the deadline. The new policy will begin on February 3, 2020. All non-App Store software needs to be approved before it can be installed on Mac devices.


At present, although Apple Computer has the Mac App Store, the amount of software is quite small. Most users will find some suitable dmg files on the Internet and install them on Macs. If installed, coupled with the current low number of App Store software, it will have a negative impact on users.

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