Does iOS 14 Apple Pay support QR Code payment?
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Does iOS 14 Apple Pay support QR Code payment?

Mobile payment has always been divided into two major methods, one is the NFC method, and the other is the QR Code method. The NFC method must be coordinated with the card machine, and the other method is carried out by QR Code. From 9to5Mac, a hidden function was found in some code of iOS 14 Beta 2. Apple Pay supports iPhone camera scanning QR Code payment function.

However, they are API functions that cooperate with third-party software and are not preset in the iOS 14 system. The WWDC does not mention the relevant functions. I believe it will take some time to confirm whether Apple Pay will support QR Code payment. At present, the most popular Alipay and WeChat payment in China are also paid by QR Code. If Apple Pay of iOS 14 is supported by API, it is not excluded that it was introduced to cooperate with Alipay and WeChat payment.