Chrome iOS major update and better mouse/trackpad support
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Chrome iOS major update and better mouse/trackpad support

After the launch of Magic Keyboard for iPad, touchpad support was added. The recent version of Chrome iOS has launched a new version of v84.0.4147.71, which adds many new features, one of which is to enable Chrome to have a better experience with the mouse/trackpad on the iPad platform.

The detailed functions are as follows:

• The new safe browsing function now provides a more complete protection mechanism, which can further prevent malicious software and Internet scams, allowing you to browse the web with more peace of mind.

• Chrome provides better mouse and trackpad support for iPad.

• You can now share web pages by creating and sharing QR codes. To start using this feature, touch the share icon in the upper right.

• You can find the downloaded content in the "Downloads" folder of the Chrome menu or the "Files" application of your device.

• You can add a nickname to the payment card stored in Chrome on your device. This can be done when saving a new card, or you can choose to go to the [Settings]> [Payment Methods]> [Edit] page.