Breaking news: Apple has more than one charging panel
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Breaking news: Apple has more than one charging panel

In the previous news of Jon Prosser, he claimed that Apple restarted AirPower's development plan and solved the overheating problem of the charging panel through a unit code-named " C68 ". And now another Twitter breaking account @choco_bit pointed out that in addition to C68, Apple still has another unit C26 designed for charging panels, and according to news from China, he claimed that C26 is designed for a smaller charging panel of.

Therefore, if the news is true, the product equipped with C68 will be similar to the AirPower we have seen before, and it can wirelessly charge multiple devices on one panel; and the product equipped with C26 can wirelessly charge a single device. The appearance may be closer to the common wireless charging panel.


In addition, Prosser said today that Apple will enter the connectionless interface before introducing the USB-C interface for the iPhone. This echoes his earlier claim that Apple ’s goal is to make the iPhone no longer have a connection interface through wireless charging .