Brazil forces Apple to attach a power adapter when selling iPhones
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Brazil forces Apple to attach a power adapter when selling iPhones

This year, Apple decided not to add a power adapter and earphones to the iPhone box, but this move also caused dissatisfaction among many consumers. In this regard, the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil has now announced that it will force Apple to add a power adapter when selling the iPhone.

In fact, there have been similar cases before. In France, considering the harm of radio frequency energy released by mobile phones to the human brain, it is considered illegal to sell mobile phones without additional earphones. Therefore, Apple still has additional earphones when selling iPhone 12 in this country.

However, in Brazil, the public consumer protection agency Procon-SP in Sao Paulo actually gave Apple a chance to refute. Apple also refused to provide the accessory on the grounds of environmental protection and most people already have power adapters, but the agency finally Apple’s failure to prove that removing the power adapter is good for the environment and Apple’s failure to guarantee that consumers will be able to provide equivalent technical support when purchasing a third-party power adapter dismissed Apple’s claims.

Currently, Apple must make a formal response tomorrow, otherwise it will be fined by the Brazilian government. As for other parts of Brazil, in fact, it is also considering whether to force Apple to add power adapters when selling iPhones. Therefore, in the future, iPhones in Brazil may be sold with power adapters.