Bloomberg's famous reporter broke a lot of Apple's unreleased product information
May 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Bloomberg's famous reporter broke a lot of Apple's unreleased product information

Famous Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman talked about Apple's products this year and responded to a series of rumors. Since Mark Gurman's past information is also reliable, it is estimated that his source is believed to be credible.

iPhone 12 bangs become smaller

Gurman said that Apple will launch two 6.1-inch iPhones and one 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone this year, one of which is 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch high-end positioning, and the other 6.1-inch and 5.4-inch will be lower positioning.

apple family 2

The high-end version will introduce LiDAR camera lens, just like the current iPad Pro 2020. The bangs will be smaller than they are now, and some of the photosensitive elements, distance sensors, and speakers of the TrueDepth camera will move into the frame of the phone, making the bangs smaller.

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other products

  1. The updated version of iMac will be released, and it may be redesigned. It is said that the launch of the new 23-inch iMac should be true.
  2. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will become a 16-inch reduced version of the MacBook Pro. The screen is 14-inch with a scissor keyboard design.
  3. The ARM version of Mac is still under development and may not be released this year.
  4. Apple has set up a dedicated team to deal with HomePod. It is estimated that this year will launch a low-cost, small version of HomePod, and its Siri function will be greatly improved.
  5. The new Apple TV will be launched this year, but there will be no 8K.
  6. The 16-inch MacBook Pro will be updated this year, and it is estimated to be from October to November.
  7. Apple is still developing the AirPower wireless charging pad.
  8. Apple Watch Series 6 will be launched this year and will support sleep tracking.
  9. AirTags will be launched this year, with a high-end positioning and will have a leather protective cover.
  10. High-end headphones will be launched this fall.
  11. Apple's car development department is still focused on developing autonomous driving technology.
  12. This year the iPhone will not have an on-screen fingerprint scanning technology.
  13. He doesn't think the rumors of Xcode for iOS are true.