Bloomberg: Apple is hiring engineers to study 6G
Feb 2021

Kirsten Thomas

Bloomberg: Apple is hiring engineers to study 6G

Apple has only had an iPhone with 5G support since 2020, but since it has acquired the Modem business from Intel, it is estimated that it will vigorously develop its own 5G Modem in the future. A report from "Bloomberg" Mark Surman pointed out that Apple is hiring engineering staff to study 6G technology, and its work locations are in Silicon Valley and San Diego. It is worth noting that San Diego is the headquarters of Qualcomm and a concentration of network technology talents.

And Apple stated in its recruitment advertisement that work is related to the next generation of wireless network technology. It is a unique and meaningful opportunity to have a profound impact on future Apple products. This will be an important wireless technology that will emerge in the next decade.

However, 6G is unlikely to appear so fast. It is estimated that it may not be expected to be launched in 2030. However, Apple has already started preparations and it seems that it does not want to rely on Qualcomm.