Bloomberg: Apple is developing two high-end wireless headphones
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Bloomberg: Apple is developing two high-end wireless headphones

A while ago, Jon Prosser, a well-known high-profile person who broke the news, said that Apple is developing two wireless headphones, one headphone and one sports earphone. Now Bloomberg has made the same report, but they also give more details.

The report pointed out that the prototype of the Apple headset is made of leather, has a retro appearance, and is equipped with a rotatable oval ear cup. The top of the ear cup and the headband are connected by a thin metal. The headband pad and ear cup pad of the earphone are magnetically adsorbed, so that the user can easily replace it by himself, and quickly switch the use position of the earphone between comfort and exercise.

In addition, Apple also plans to use the wireless pairing and noise reduction technology that has been applied in AirPods Pro. The headset will be voice controlled through Siri and include touch functions.

As for another sports earphone, a lighter and breathable material with small holes will be used.

The positioning of these two earphones is exactly the same as that previously reported by Jon Prosser, and if Prosser’s information is accurate, then Apple ’s headsets are expected to be published at WWDC, and sports earphones will be published in September or October this year.