Bloomberg: Apple has begun to develop its own Modem chip
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Bloomberg: Apple has begun to develop its own Modem chip

Since Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm , Intel immediately announced the suspension of 5G Modem development , while the iPhone 12 series uses Qualcomm 5G Modem chips. However, Apple did not rely solely on it for the supply of Modem because of the settlement with Qualcomm. Instead, it acquired it for US$100 million. Intel’s Modem department and its patents intend to develop Apple’s own Modem.

Apple Intel Modem

And Bloomberg quoted information from people familiar with the matter, saying that Apple's vice president of hardware and technology, Johny Srouji, revealed to employees that Apple is developing its own modem at a meeting, saying that this year Apple will begin to develop its first modem, which will become another An important strategy shift. Long-term strategic investment in important key technologies will help promote future innovation.


The biggest influence of Apple's development of its own Modem is of course Qualcomm. So when will Apple's own modem be launched? It is pointed out that Apple may try its own 5G Modem in the iPad 5G version next year. Sina Finance estimates that this year Apple purchased about 176 million 5G modems from Qualcomm, but only produced about 120 million iPhones. Oversubscribed modems or predicted that Apple would add 5G support to other products such as iPad. Of course, it is also possible to stock up for the future iPhone. It is not yet certain when the Apple Modem will be launched.

In fact, the settlement agreement signed between Apple and Qualcomm in 2019 has indicated that there are 6 years of patent authorization, and the patent fee can be charged even if Qualcomm Modem is not used.