ARM version of MacBook price revealed or starting from $799
Aug 2020

Kirsten Thomas

ARM version of MacBook price revealed or starting from $799

There are many reasons for MacBook to switch to Apple Silicon’s own processor. After switching to its own processor, the cost is expected to drop. Is there any room for downward adjustment in the price of the new MacBook? According to news from Komiya @yomiya_kj, the MacBook Air ARM version will start at $799. The 13-inch MacBook Pro starts at $1,099.

If the ARM version of the MacBook Air is priced at US$799, and the MacBook Pro is priced at US$1,099. Then it means that the pricing is reduced by the same magnitude.

Komiya also through the specifications, the entry-level MacBook will use A14X, 12-inch screen, the fourth-generation Butterfly butterfly keyboard, weighing less than 1kg. In terms of interface, there is only one USB-C Port, which lasts 15 to 20 hours.


  • A14X
  • RAM 8GB, 16GB
  • SSD 256GB, 512GB, (1TB)
  • 12” Retina Display
  • 15hr~20hr battery life
  • 720p Facetime HD Camera
  • Single USB-C port
  • lighter than 1kg
  • 4th gen Butterfly Keyboard
  • $799(at least)