Apple's new iPad Pro officially debuts
Mar 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple's new iPad Pro officially debuts

Apple officially announced the new iPad Pro today, equipped with A12Z bionic chip, iPad Pro will be more powerful than most Windows personal notebook computers. The new iPad Pro will be equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens, a studio-grade microphone, and an advanced optical radar scanner, providing cutting-edge depth sensing capabilities. And today has officially opened pre-orders on Apple's official website.

Liquid Retina technology

The fully extended Liquid Retina display is not only dazzling and fascinating, but also has a variety of superior and advanced technologies. For example, "ProMotion automatically adapts to the update rate", "original color" display technology and industry-leading color accuracy, everything makes everything look amazing and responsive. It is this combination of functions that makes it the most advanced mobile device display in the world.

ipad pro 2020

Professional camera

Advanced cameras combine large displays, fast performance, and precision-calibrated sensors to make iPads uniquely powerful. Wide-angle and new ultra-wide-angle camera to help you capture the perfect photo or video. Coupled with a studio-grade microphone and a four-speaker system, you can set it up as a set of multi-camera filming equipment.

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Optical radar scanner

Optical radar (LiDAR, light detection and ranging) is a technology that determines the distance by measuring the time it takes for a light to reach an object and reflect it back. This technology is so advanced that it was even used by NASA for subsequent Mars landing missions. Now, it has been carefully designed into the thin and light iPad Pro.

Special optical radar scanners can measure the reflection of light up to 5 meters using linear flight time, indoors or outdoors. It can operate at the photon level, run at nanosecond speeds, and open endless possibilities for augmented reality (AR) and more.

Augmented reality

On the new iPad Pro, the effects of AR-like apps have become more realistic. Now when you place an AR object, you can take shape immediately. The highly realistic object occlusion function allows AR objects to be placed in front of or behind the object in a real-world structure. More advanced motion capture and character occlusion functions make the accuracy higher than ever. And developers will be able to create more engaging experiences.

Apple new iPad Pro AR

A12Z Bionic Chip

With the A12Z bionic chip, the speed of the iPad Pro makes it difficult for most PC laptops today to match. From daily work to workflows that require a lot of drawing processing, it enables you to complete everything quickly and smoothly. The 8-core graphics processor plays a very important role, bringing higher performance and fidelity to apps and games.

Apple A12Z

Professional workflow

The A12Z bionic chip is designed for a variety of tasks, and is especially suitable for a variety of professional-grade apps. The 8-core graphics processor provides smooth performance for tasks such as 4K movie editing, 3D design, and augmented reality. Better thermal design means higher peaks and longer lasting performance; this is essential for professional workflows. Apple's neural network engine prepares machine learning technology on the device for the next generation of professional apps.

Apple new ipad pro performance

Smart keyboard

The new Smart Keyboard is a great match for the iPad Pro. It can bring the best typing experience ever on the iPad; the touch trackpad is more iPadOS-controlled, bringing various new ways; the USB‑C port can be used for direct charging; in addition, it can protect the front of the fuselage With back. The new cantilever design magnetically attracts the iPad Pro, allowing you to smoothly adjust to the viewing angle that is most suitable for viewing.

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Redesigned trackpad

A touch-enabled trackpad that can be tapped anywhere brings a whole new way to iPadOS control. It allows you to control the new cursor function in iPadOS, which is best used for delicate tasks such as editing spreadsheets and selecting text. Even get everything done right on the touch trackpad. You can also use the familiar "multi-touch" gestures to smoothly navigate, such as swiping to the home screen or switching between different spaces.

Apple new ipad pro keyboard

iPadOS-specific cursors

With the support of the touch trackpad, it opens a new and powerful way to control the iPad. The reimagined cursor experience is designed to be used in touch-based environments. More perfect design. It can be converted into the tools you need based on the context, according to the content you point to, such as buttons, app images and text. It's perfect for tasks that require extra precision, such as making spreadsheets or editing text. You can also use intuitive gestures on the trackpad to quickly get started and control iPadOS.

Apple new ipad pro cursor support iPadOS

Thin, light and durable

iPad Pro is super powerful, while still being easy to carry with you, in a backpack or on a coffee table. And up to 10 hours of battery life, so you can use it throughout the day.


iPad Pro is the ultimate mobile workstation. You can also print, project, and send files wirelessly. The USB‑C port lets you connect accessories such as cameras, external hard drives, or displays. Wi‑Fi and LTE are faster and better than ever, so you can stay connected anytime, anywhere. When you need to stream your favorite shows or party dance songs, iPad Pro ’s awesome built-in four-speaker system can come in handy.

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