Apple's anti-lost accessory AirTag debuts in October
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple's anti-lost accessory AirTag debuts in October

Today, according to the news from Japanese media Mac を宝 Appraisal Center , there is news from the Chinese supply chain that Apple’s rumored anti-lost accessory AirTag will be unveiled at the iPhone 12’s online presentation in October this year, and said that the original accessory is It was scheduled to be released with the second generation of iPhone SE, but it was delayed for some reason.

Although AirTag is less rumored than other Apple products, most of the outside world has affirmed the existence of this product. This is because the name AirTag was exposed in the official video taken by Apple itself, and because of this video, it is almost certain that AirTag is an accessory used to help find lost items. Previous sources revealed a series of related recording files , showing how AirTag will guide the user to find the target through sound in different directions and distances.