Apple's 3 Most Expected Products in 2020
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple's 3 Most Expected Products in 2020

I believe many users are looking forward to what technology products will be launched in the new year. In the end, will Apple launch some really useful products in 2020? Now I will integrate the three most anticipated Apple products according to the current data, and see if you can wait for the new machine to be launched before buying.

1: 14-inch MacBook Pro with new keyboard

Apple 14-inch MacBook Pro

At present, the 16-inch MacBook Pro has replaced the 15-inch MacBook Pro as the new standard product. Among them, because the body is slightly larger, all aspects of the hardware have been significantly improved, but most people want to buy, not 16-inch products. But a 13-inch version. Earlier news pointed out that the 14-inch MacBook Pro will be launched in 2020 and will use the latest 10-generation Intel processors. The performance is similar to that of the 8-generation 15-inch MacBook Pro and uses scissors. If the keyboard is really launched, I believe it will greatly attract more users to upgrade.

2: Stronger Apple TV

apple tv hd

At present, Apple TV supports 4K and uses the A10X processor. Its performance is the performance of the previous generation of iPad Pro. However, in the face of the latest service Apple Arcade, there will be a large number of games for users to play. Strong performance is indispensable. It is expected that the new generation of products will use the A12X processor. With the powerful performance of the Xbox One S level, it can cope with different game works.

3: iPhone with a smaller M-shaped top design

iphone 12

Although there are many conceptual designs that refer to the 2020 iPhone's shrinking of the entire Face ID system into the display frame, so that users can enjoy a true full display, the most credible news is that it is half smaller than the current Face ID. , Can not achieve a full full-screen design, but than the current iPhone, you can already have a better experience.