Apple will re-use PowerVR technology
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple will re-use PowerVR technology

Although many manufacturers have recently developed the latest mobile image processors, the main reason is that mobile games have become the latest direction in recent years, and now there is the latest news, that is, Apple and Imagination shake hands, and have Opportunity to add PowerVR GPUs to the new generation of Apple A-series processors.

Apple and Imagination shake hands, Imagination announced that it has reached a new long-term cooperation with Apple, replacing the contract signed in February 2014. Apple will be able to use Imagination's IP and patented technology. After a problem with the cooperation, the first cooperation, when the cooperation was stopped earlier, Imagination's stock price plummeted 70%.

PowerVR PCX2

Imagination updates GPU product lines, including 8XT / 9XT / 9XTP and 10th generation PowerVR GPU Img-A series. I believe that once again we cooperate with Apple. The new generation of iOS devices have the opportunity to make new breakthroughs in image processing technology. , (Already already on the tablet, there is an overwhelming advantage.