Apple Watch Series 6 officially released a list of new features
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Watch Series 6 officially released a list of new features

Apple Watch Series 6 is the protagonist of this conference. This year, Product Red and Blue are added. The new S6 processor is 20% faster than the previous generation, and the screen Always On Display is more effective and responsive than ever. Users can pre-order on September 17th, and officially go on sale on September 23rd. The price starts at $399.

Blood oxygen sensor function

The focus this time is the introduction of a blood oxygen sensor, and the results can be obtained in just 15 seconds. The blood oxygen sensor is composed of four sets of LEDs and four photodiodes, and is integrated into the completely redesigned glass back. This brand-new sensor works closely with the blood oxygen App to get your blood oxygen level.

Blood oxygen

The normal blood oxygen level is 95% to 100%. By monitoring the blood oxygen content during exercise, the body's ability to adapt to different exercise intensities can be known. If it drops below the normal level, Apple Watch will immediately remind the user to stop the exercise as soon as possible To prevent accidents.

Blood oxygen 2

The new screen is brighter

Now, even if you put down your wrist, the Allways-On Retina display is still significantly brighter than ever before, allowing you to more easily view all the information on the surface without lifting your wrist or waking up the watch screen.

Apple Watch 6

Brand new single lap bracelet

Apple Watch Series 6 introduces two single-loop bracelet styles, which are a regular version and a woven version. The regular version is made of flexible and soft silicone. The single-loop bracelet is not only light, but also super comfortable to wear. It is unexpectedly easy to put on the wrist and take off . The woven single-loop bracelet is made of 16,000 recycled polyester. Woven with fibrous filaments and silicone rubber, this strap has a fine texture, elasticity, and beautiful appearance.

Apple Watch loop