Apple Watch Red Braided Solo Loop is now available
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Watch Red Braided Solo Loop is now available

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6 last month, and also brought a new strap "single turn watch ring", and now, when the iPhone 12 is on sale, they have also launched the (PRODUCT)RED single turn watch Rings and woven single-turn watch rings provide consumers with more choices.

The single-turn watch ring adopts a seamless, malleable strap design, and comes in two materials: soft silicone and braided yarn. The soft silicone of the single-turn watch ring uses a special UV treatment process to produce a smooth, silky appearance. The woven single-turn watch ring is made of 100% recycled materials, and the ultra-fine silicone thread is interlaced with 16,000 recycled polyester fiber yarns on a precision braiding machine, which brings unique ductility and excellent appearance. To ensure a perfect fit, the new size system has a total of 9 lengths of single-turn watch rings to choose from.