Apple Vice President Phil Schiller: Butterfly keyboard will continue to use
Nov 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Vice President Phil Schiller: Butterfly keyboard will continue to use

The MacBook Pro 16 has been officially released. In addition to the bigger screen, the focus must be on the butterfly keyboard that has been criticized for many years. Phil Schiller, Apple's vice president, pointed out that the Magic Keyboard of the MacBook Pro 16 has been in development a few years ago.

Butterfly keyboard is also good

However, is the appearance of the new keyboard equal to the end of the Butterfly keyboard? Phil Schiller told the CNET butterfly keyboard that there were some events that were quite good, such as building a more stable input platform, the feel of the fingers is smoother, some people like it, but some people don't like it. And Apple got two different reactions. In the past, there were some quality problems to solve. In the past few years, the keyboard has been improved, and many people are happy.

Born for professional users

Some users have expressed a lot of opinions on the keyboard, and for them, these users are also professional users. So Apple tried to develop a new keyboard for them to find out what professional users want most, and many people also want something like Magic Keyboard. So the development team aims to develop a new Magic Keyboard for laptops.

Bufferfly Keyboard continues to use

Although he talked about laptops, he didn't mention whether he would introduce Magic Keyboard on a Mac other than the MacBook Pro 16 吋 version. He only said "Today, I can't say. We will continue to use two keyboard designs." Of course, the current 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are also using a butterfly keyboard. It is speculated that only the MacBook will be replaced with Magic Keyboard in the year.

Join the entity Esc key

Another feature of the keyboard is that the Esc entity key is finally added back. He said that many people in the Touch Bar like the Touch Bar, but the most complaints about the Touch Bar are that the user loses the physical Esc key, so the physical Esc key is added to the new MacBook Pro 16. The distance between the Touch Bar and the numeric keys has also increased by 2%, preventing the Touch Bar from being accidentally touched when the number keys are pressed.

Apple Bufferfly Keyboard