Apple takes 66% of smartphone market profit
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Apple takes 66% of smartphone market profit

According to an analysis report from Counterpoint Research, Apple dominates the global mobile device market and earns 66% of the industry's profits. Although Apple ’s market share has been declining in terms of shipments in recent years, user loyalty in the United States, European Union countries, Japan and other places is very high, so it can still enjoy higher profits than the industry. Coupled with the strong growth of Apple's services business in recent years, Apple's overall ecology is still very stable, enough to maintain stable growth in the next few years.

Global Handset Profit Share 2019 Q3

The second highest profit is Samsung, but it only accounts for 17% of the industry, which is far from Apple. Samsung has grown its profits with a series of Galaxy A-series mid-range phones and the highly-rated Galaxy Note 10. Chinese mobile phone brands have lower gross profit, but have improved compared to the previous year. The main reason is that Chinese brand mobile phones have also begun to produce high-end mobile phones, and the gross profit has improved.