Apple sues former chief architect for A7 to A12X processors
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Apple sues former chief architect for A7 to A12X processors

In early 2019, three former Apple employees in charge of A-series processors started a chip company called NUVIA, which is developing a processor code-named Phoenix. The co-founders of NUVIA are Gerard Williams II, John Bruno, and Manu Gulati. Three former Apple employees have been responsible for chip development in the Apple Platform Architecture Department.

Today, reports allege that Apple sued Gerard Williams II, who left in March this year, for breaching employee contracts, "poaching" other Apple employees, and "using" Apple technology. Gerard Williams countered that Apple's anti-competitive regulations were inappropriate and unenforceable in California, and that Apple illegally monitored the content of his text communications.

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Gerard Williams II is also the chief architect who led Apple to develop A7 to A12X processors, leaving in early 2019. Williams has been with Apple for 9 years. From the first 64-Bit A7 processor to the A12X processor, he also led the development team to develop. Prior to Apple, he spent 12 years at ARM.