Apple plans to assemble iPhone SE in Brazil
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple plans to assemble iPhone SE in Brazil

The first round of iPhone SE sales has been launched, and Brazil is not in the first round of sales, but I believe it may be published in the next few weeks, because ANATEL (equivalent to Brazil ’s FCC) has issued documents, but it is worth noting It is Apple's plan to assemble the iPhone SE in Brazil.

When Apple released the iPhone SE, some pictures on the Brazilian Apple website can be seen with Indústria Brasileira or Brazilian Industry written on the back of the iPhone SE. At present, Apple has removed the relevant pictures, but according to the ANATEL documents, the iPhone SE is produced at the Foxconn Brazil plant.

Foxconn Brazil iPhone SE 2020

In fact, this is not the first time the iPhone has been produced in Brazil. The iPhone XR has also been produced before, with the aim of lowering the local price of the iPhone. The iPhone SE also intends to lower the price of the iPhone in Brazil through this method.

Because Brazil’s import tax is quite high, Apple managed to produce some products locally, thereby reducing the cost of import tax. While temporarily unable to see the global iPhone SE also produced by Brazil, it is believed that the main assembly areas of the first batch of iPhone SE are also from China.