Apple Oolong? Some official iPhone 12 cases have no holes!
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Oolong? Some official iPhone 12 cases have no holes!

Apple officially launched the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro products in the new generation of smartphone iPhone 12 series. Naturally, there will be users buying Apple's official peripheral products. Protect the appearance of the device, right? However, some netizens said that the official iPhone 12 protective case they purchased lacked speaker openings.

Apple’s official protective case claims to be perfectly compatible with more products based on MagSafe accessories, attracting users to buy, but there are production errors. Some protective cases lack speaker openings, which will cause the speakers to perform greatly when used. Reduction will also hinder the radio function during a call.

iphone 12 case b

Apple officials actually committed these low-level mistakes, causing users to be dissatisfied. The lack of a protective case means that people who love the device cannot use the device immediately. Some netizens said that the process from environmental protection to hole opening should be reduced? If you want to buy an iPhone 12 protective case, remember to check if there are any openings. Online customers can directly call the official to contact the replacement.