Apple Music may make iPhone battery drain quickly
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Music may make iPhone battery drain quickly

Do Apple Music users feel that the iPhone battery drains a bit faster? Maybe this is not a problem of battery aging, but a problem of iOS 13.5.1. Recently, many people reported in Apple’s technical support area and Reddit forum that after upgrading iOS 13.5.1, when the Music App does not play songs, it still runs for several hours in the background. Some users even bought the new iPhone 11, but only After using it for several days, the battery consumption rate is extremely fast, and the body becomes hot. Among them, it was found that the Apple Music App had been operating for 18 hours behind the scenes and used 95% of the system power.

Some users have tried to forcefully shut down the Apple Music App, restart the device, and reinstall the Apple Music App, but they cannot solve the problem of background power consumption.

Some users have found that as long as the Apple Music App is deleted, the battery consumption rate of the iPhone will return to normal. It seems that users have to wait for the amendment to be released before they can solve the problem.

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