Apple may be working on an upgraded iPhone 8
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple may be working on an upgraded iPhone 8

Apple introduced the iPhone 8 in 2017. It used the A11 bionic chip at the time, and it was also the last model in the iPhone series to be equipped with Touch ID. However, according to a report from the Japanese media MAC Treasure Appraisal, Apple suppliers participating in CES 2020 have stated that Apple may be developing an upgraded iPhone 8 and that the machine will be equipped with A13 bionic chips and Face ID technology.

In addition, their news also pointed out that the size of the phone's body and LED original color flash will be similar to the iPhone 7; the main lens will be larger than the iPhone 8; the size of the handset is between the iPhone 11 and iPhone XS. ; And due to the use of Face ID, the screen size of the aircraft will reach 5.4 inches.

The statement of carrying A13 chip and Face ID coincides with the rumors of iPhone SE 2 in recent months. Therefore, this news has added credibility to Apple's statement that it will release a new phone this spring.