Apple internal intelligence: AR headsets will wait until 2022
Nov 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Apple internal intelligence: AR headsets will wait until 2022

There have been many rumors that Apple intends to launch AR headsets next year, 2020. However, according to The Information today, Apple reported internally to team members at the Steve Jobs Theatre and mentioned that Apple's AR headsets will not be available until 2022.

In the report, The Information wrote: "Apple aims to launch augmented reality headsets in 2022 and more stylish AR glasses in 2023." They cited informed sources to explain Apple's vice president Mike Rockwell. In October, I met with senior executives to discuss the new design details and functions of the AR headset, and also discussed the timeline of related products. The results are contrary to the recent analysts' reports and media speculation.

And although the launch time of the AR headset may not be as fast as the outside world imagined, this project is clearly one of Apple's main projects. It is reported that this internal report participated in the staff and the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater was packed, and the Apple executives told the team that the era of this type of product replacing the smart phone will come in about 10 years.