Apple headset AirPods Studio price broke news
May 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple headset AirPods Studio price broke news

Well-known breaking news person Jon Prosser pointed out today that the rumored Apple headphones will continue to use the "AirPods" series name, named "AirPods Studio", its codename is B515, and he also announced the price of the headset.

If Prosser's information is accurate this time, the price of AirPods Studio will be 349 US dollars, equivalent to about 10,500 Taiwan dollars; about 2,700 Hong Kong dollars.


Regarding Apple headsets, Bloomberg previously stated the design details of the headset prototype. In addition, 9to5Mac also said in March this year that it found the headset icon from the iOS 14 code. This means that we may soon see the official release of the product.