Apple grabs money? Mac Pro "Scroll Wheel" for $ 100 each!
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Apple grabs money? Mac Pro "Scroll Wheel" for $ 100 each!

Apple products generally give users the impression that they are slightly more expensive, but worth the money. Apple has never talked about "cost-effectiveness", but the Mac Pro with high-end positioning is very good in design, but the accessories are not cheap at all, and the most surprising thing is that the 4 "rollers" under the mainframe are actually $ 400 At an average of $ 100 each. For the $ 5,999 standard Mac Pro, adding $ 400 may not be a big deal, but $ 400 buys 4 "rollers" to make it easy to move the console around.

The appearance of the stand.

mac pro overlay feet

$400 for pedestal rollers

The Mac Pro comes standard with a stainless steel frame and feet. If you do n’t need to move your Mac Pro away from your work space from time to time, officials say it is a good choice. However, if you frequently work with a Mac Pro, you can choose a stainless steel frame with wheels so you can move the Mac Pro without lifting it. Equipped with wheels for Mac Pro, about 3 cm higher than the frame with stand.