Apple Glass lenses are being trialled-produced
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple Glass lenses are being trialled-produced

Apple's key product in the future is believed to be Apple Glasses, and this will be an important product for Apple to open up the AR market. A report from the online media The Information indicates that Apple has completed the prototype of the most important component of Apple Glasses-the lens, and has begun trial production.

The report pointed out that the lens incorporates new technology and is a little thicker than traditional glasses. However, the report reminds that this is only for "AR devices", but I am not sure whether it is rumored that AR head-cut devices launched in 2022 or Apple Glasses may be launched in 2023.

According to the news, Apple has cooperated with Foxconn to develop translucent lenses since 2018. It seems that Apple may be satisfied with the lenses before it starts trial production. The lens is slightly larger than ordinary glasses, and is composed of many thin mirrors, which presents a stereoscopic image effect through Polarization.