Apple executives: iPad Air’s Touch ID is an incredible result
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple executives: iPad Air’s Touch ID is an incredible result

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Face ID used by Apple’s smartphones has become one of the most troublesome devices to unlock in 2020, because when users wear a mask and go out, they can basically declare that Face ID has no effect, and now the iPad Air After the launch of the fourth-generation product, the power button integrated Touch ID, and Apple responded, saying that this is an incredible achievement.

Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, Ternus, said that in order to adopt a full-screen design, the symmetrical Home button with Touch ID design had to be abandoned. Therefore, it is necessary to find another location for Touch ID to use, and because the product’s power button position is equivalent to the antenna Therefore, the Touch ID sensor must be designed to be smaller, and at the same time, a faster and more accurate speed is required without affecting the operation of the device.

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Therefore, Apple believes that the integration of the Power button in Touch ID is an incredible achievement. However, I believe that if Touch ID and Face ID can be used together, it will be more practical. In general, Face ID will be more convenient for iPad.

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