Apple cancels ultimate crypto plan after FBI protests
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple cancels ultimate crypto plan after FBI protests

Today, according to the exclusive news of foreign media US News and World Report , Apple has considered plans to provide users with iCloud encrypted backups in the past two years. In discussions with the FBI, the FBI stated that this practice would hinder the investigation.

Sources, including former FBI police officers, former Apple employees, and government sources, told Reuters that after the San Bernardino shootings in 2015, Apple feared being attacked by public officials for sheltering criminals, and since then He turned to assist in the investigation, and the former FBI police officer also said that the relationship between Apple and the FBI is actually quite proactive and not as ambivalent as the table.

More than two years ago, in order to effectively block hackers, Apple informed the FBI that they would use peer-to-peer encryption technology to allow users to store data on iCloud, but at the same time, Apple would not be able to access the data. This has caused the FBI a headache because it means that they will lose the best opportunity to obtain evidence of suspects, and according to government sources, the FBI opposed the plan in private discussions.

In the end, Apple dropped the project and no longer associated staff with project-related work. As for the reason, a former Apple employee said: "The law stifled the plan, and the reason is not hard to imagine." But he also mentioned that there are other possible reasons, such as users may also encounter while accessing their own data Difficult.