Apple admits that iPhone 11 uses Chinese Beidou system positioning data
Aug 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Apple admits that iPhone 11 uses Chinese Beidou system positioning data

Under the influence of the Sino-US trade war, the United States has now banned Douyin and WeChat. In view of the deep impact of these two apps on China, the outside world also predicts that iPhone sales will suffer. However, Apple has also made efforts to obtain the support of Chinese consumers. According to a report from Global Times , Apple recently confirmed that the iPhone 11 series models have adopted the Chinese Beidou satellite navigation system, while the previous iPhone did not support this system. It is the main reason why many Chinese users complain.

Last week Beidou system spokesperson Ran Chengqi said that only Apple has no relationship with Beidou in China, and confidently said that Apple will use their system one day. Apple also made a statement last week: "iPhone 11 series models use Beidou as part of its location information system." But there is no more detailed explanation.

Also in China Apple's official website, also did not see the iPhone 11 lists support for the Beidou system, foreign media speculation that Apple may be directly GNSS satellite navigation system to present, because it recognized the system will contain the Beidou system.

However, this also means that unless Apple makes a statement, users may not know whether the Beidou system is used in the iPhone in hand, and whether the system will be used on this year's iPhone 12 is also a big problem.