AirTag operation detailed deconstruction can also be located without Internet access?
Apr 2021

Kirsten Thomas

AirTag operation detailed deconstruction can also be located without Internet access?

After all the calls came out, AirTag was finally officially released. The concept of this little thing is very simple, it can track the position of the object, and it is not limited to a small space. But many people will have questions, is there a GPS in it? Do you want an internet card? What should I do if the battery is dead?

How AirTag works

If everyone thinks of AirTag using the phone concept, it is completely wrong! First of all, we must understand how it works.

  1. AirTag itself cannot access the Internet, so there is no need to insert a SIM card or use an eSIM.
  2. It has ultra-wideband technology. In a small environment (such as at home), if the mobile phone has ultra-wideband technology (iPhone 11 or above), it can directly find out the direction of the object.
  3. It uses Bluetooth to send out a signal, allowing the user's iPhone to see the distance of the location. When it is approaching, Bluetooth can be used to make the AirTag emit a sound. Just follow the sound to find its hiding place.

airtag 2

Can be recovered from a long distance

Apple stated on its official website that if you left something in a remote place such as a beach or fitness room, "Find App Network" may help you track the location of AirTag. This huge network is made up of hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices worldwide. Careful design will protect your privacy at all times.

Your AirTag will emit a secure Bluetooth signal, which is detected by nearby devices in the "Find App Network". These devices will send your AirTag location to iCloud so you can see it on the map where you are looking for the app. All processes are completely anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy. The search process is very efficient, and you don’t have to worry about battery life or data usage.

Lost mode allows others to find the owner

In addition to proactively retrieving them, sometimes they want to notify the owner when they are found. Just like other Apple devices, AirTag can also turn on Lost Mode. Then, when a device detects it on the network, you will automatically receive a notification. You can also set it so that when someone touches your AirTag with an NFC-enabled smart phone, they will know your contact information; and this is the same technology used for smart phone inductive payment shopping.

AirTag makes a sound when it leaves the owner

If there is someone else’s AirTag in your item, iPhone will know that it is following you and send a notification to remind you. After a period of time, if you still have not found the AirTag, it will make a sound to let you know its location. Of course, if a friend next to you or a passenger on the same train with you has an AirTag, you don’t need to worry. As long as AirTag does not leave the owner, no warning will be issued.

airtag 3

All data will not be stored in AirTag

Only you can see the location of AirTag, your location information and records will never be stored in AirTag. The device that continues to transmit the AirTag's location is also anonymous. During the entire process, the location information will also be encrypted and protected, so even Apple will not know the AirTag's location or the identity of the device that helps to track it.

AirTag battery can be replaced for more than one year

Apple said that AirTag’s battery can last for more than one year, and the battery life is calculated based on the daily use of four times a day of sound playback and one precise search. Battery life depends on usage, environmental conditions, replacement battery manufacturer and many other factors; actual results may vary.

When the AirTag is almost out of power, it will display a prompt on the iPhone in advance. More importantly, the AirTag uses CR2032 button batteries. This battery is very cheap and can be easily replaced by yourself.