AirPods Pro orders double, Chinese threats continue to increase
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

AirPods Pro orders double, Chinese threats continue to increase

According to the Nikkei News Network, because the current sales of AirPods Pro are very optimistic, people familiar with the matter revealed that Apple has doubled the order for the headset. In addition, the report also pointed out that due to the rapid growth of Apple ’s wireless headset product line, coupled with the production of this wireless headset by Chinese manufacturers, Apple ’s reliance on Chinese suppliers will certainly affect Apple Suppliers: Hon Hai, Quanta Computer, Inventec, etc.

In the report, Nikkei quoted people familiar with the matter as saying: "Due to strong market demand, Apple has increased its latest AirPods Pro monthly order from 1 million to 2 million." Production is carried out at two China Luxun precision factories.

In addition to the impact on Taiwanese manufacturers, this fact is also true for global suppliers. Nikkei analysts point out that in 2018, Chinese suppliers already accounted for 41 of Apple's top 200 suppliers, far more than the United States and Japan.

A source also said: "Apple is very rare for Chinese companies to be the first to produce new high-end devices, which means that Chinese suppliers have met Apple's quality and performance requirements.

GF Securities also mentioned that because Lixun Precision is supported by the Chinese government, it is more aggressive than its competitors. In the trade war, it also took a faster pace to transfer its production locations overseas to China. It will enable Lixun Precision to get more orders in the future and will also cause greater pressure on the industry.