AirPods Max has problems with condensation in the headphones
Jan 2021

Kirsten Thomas

AirPods Max has problems with condensation in the headphones

AirPods Max is a headset product launched by Apple at the end of last year. After the product was launched, it received bipolar evaluation. But now the product has been pointed out as a problem. Several users reported that moisture condensation inside the earmuffs after their earphones were used for several hours, worrying about whether it would affect the listening experience or even damage the earphones.

According to a report by MacRumors , users said that as long as the earmuff cushions are removed, they will be able to see obvious condensation, and it may occur regardless of the temperature. However, AirPods Max itself is not waterproof, so some users worry that the condensed water will damage the earphones. Another user pointed out that after this phenomenon, the noise reduction quality of the earphones has dropped significantly, but since there is only one case, is this different? The direct correlation of moisture condensation is still unknown.

In the face of this phenomenon, some users disagree. The user said that the Sony WH-1000XM3 he used often had this phenomenon, but in the end it did not have a substantial impact on the headset.