6 types of people who are most worth buying AirTag
Apr 2021

Kirsten Thomas

6 types of people who are most worth buying AirTag

After AirTag was released, some people thought it was not practical, while others were very interested. In fact, AirTag has many advantages. It does not need to be recharged, the battery can last for 1 year, and it can be easily replaced. AirTag does not need to be connected to the Internet, as long as anyone nearby uses an Apple device such as an iPhone, Mac, etc., it can help locate it by "Finding App Network". So who would it be useful for?

1. People who often forget where to put the keys

Among AirTag accessories, keychains are definitely the most popular choice. Because many people in life forget to bring the key, or lose the key, you can easily retrieve it with it.

2. Dog owner and cat owner

AirTag is definitely a delight to dog owners and cat owners, because they have the chance to get lost. With AirTag, you can find them back.

3. Parents of children

The safety of children is very important. Of course, the most important thing to "get lost" is to teach them to stand in a safe place and wait for their parents. However, parents who have "workers sisters" want to know where the children are. Now they don't need to give them a phone, just track them through AirTag.

4. Owner

Many people are also worried that their car will be stolen! If you want to retrieve the lost car, you just need to put an AirTag in the car. In addition, sometimes you park your car in the parking lot and forget to park there when you retrieve the car. AirTag can also help you narrow down your search. Moreover, AirTag is so small that it can be conveniently stored and retrieved anytime, anywhere.

5. Travelers

Have you ever worried about your luggage being messed up? Put an AirTag in it, and you still have the hope of retrieving your luggage! Better than completely lost, right?

6. Elderly

Maybe you already think that you can use Find my function to find them if you give them their iPhone, but some elderly people sometimes forget to charge them. Some elderly people with low self-care ability give them an AirTag, and the electricity is enough for one year, maybe they can be saved.